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Installed Mailman today, with some twists because of the local (server) setup, but I think I’ve got it sorted out. Just one thing left: I run the corresponding website on port 8000, just like this blog right now, so that it can be accessed directly and I don’t have to play redirection games. But Mailman insists on using the default port (or more to the point, it leaves out the port-number entirely) for one particular self-referring link and I don’t know enough Python to figure out why it does that let alone how I can fix it.

<…rambling analysis deleted…>

Gah, I suppose I should learn to search the web before investigating these things (although I think I learned a few things along the way). The hack around this is that you add the port in the DEFAULT_URL_PATTERN which is now http://%s:8000/mailman/. Ugly, but I guess that’ll do for now.

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