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Installed Mailman today, with some twists because of the local (server) setup, but I think I’ve got it sorted out. Just one thing left: I run the corresponding website on port 8000, just like this blog right now, so that it can be accessed directly and I don’t have to play redirection games. But Mailman insists on using the default port (or more to the point, it leaves out the port-number entirely) for one particular self-referring link and I don’t know enough Python to figure out why it does that let alone how I can fix it.

<…rambling analysis deleted…>

Gah, I suppose I should learn to search the web before investigating these things (although I think I learned a few things along the way). The hack around this is that you add the port in the DEFAULT_URL_PATTERN which is now http://%s:8000/mailman/. Ugly, but I guess that’ll do for now.

Today’s wrap-up

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Today, like yesterday, was long and tiring. After doing various things from 8 to 5-6pm the kids get home and still need to be forced to do their homework. That shouldn’t take very long, but… they’re talented in that respect, 15 minutes of homework can take 1-2 hours with these two. Of course that somewhat conflicts with, say, dinner and the fact that their bedtimes are supposed to be before 9pm. Ugh.

We’re looking into finding someone that might pick them up after school and, unlike the after school program actually get them to do some if not all of their homework before M picks them up from there after 5pm. That way those 2 hours won’t be totally wasted and we may actually have some time to do something else afterwards, like go swimming!

Installed the new version of Adium X that was released today, now browsing through the rest of VersionTracker‘s newsfeed to see what else there may be of interest.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a slightly more regular day. *crosses fingers*

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