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Lost & found

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Thankfully Lydia‘s (stolen) bag/rucksak/backpack was found. Hopefully not too much of the contents disappeared but that is unknown at this very moment.


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As promised last month I sat down to put together a custom version of the monthly archive overview and today I activated it, then struggled with CSS for a short while, and now it seems to work as intended.


GenCon 2005

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As already mentioned the reason for my absence was GenCon, plus two days of driving (it’s about 10 hours to drive from here to Indy).

I’d never been there before so when M and I walked to the convention center to get our passes and have a first peek at the hall, I was suitably impressed with the size of it all. Walking around the aisles multiple times in the 3 days we were there provided us with various sore bodyparts.

Of course all the stereotypes were present and accounted for, gaming geeks/nerds of all kinds, both genders, many of them dressed up in some costume, many of them just badly dressed ;), but a surprising wide range of ages. It was amusing to see what looked to be a grandparent with her grandkids visiting the con, alongside 20-30-40-somethings.

I saw more dice than you could ever want or need, in every colour, size and texture possible. Sadly the one that M set her sights on (used by one of the WotC people) turned out to be a custom job so she may never be able to get her hands on one like it.

Because my work is mostly on the inside (games and servers) I did not feel very comfortable actually talking to attendees passing by our booth, slightly worried I’d be asked questions that I couldn’t answer and of course Murphy’s Law would have it that right at the point the person who could answer it would be on a break. Compare this to M who, having acquired most if any knowledge of the company and the games we offer through osmosisme, was quite comfortable talking to people, handing out flyers and other freebies.

More on this later, I’m going back to catching up on email and newsfeeds and anything else that looks vaguely important.

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