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Hello World

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Clearly my laptop was not prepared to be taken on a roadtrip and perform any other duties than be a fancy note-taking device (I’d call it a notebook but that might confuse matters more).

  • The Orinoco Silver PCMCIA card that it uses is, using the default Linux modules, not capable of listing the access points, so if there are several, some of which are locked, some of which might be free, I can’t just try them one by one.
  • It also does not seem to play well with the Apple USB-wifi gadget that it’s connecting to right now. Perhaps that one does 802.11g? Oh well.
  • The Firefox proxy detection appears to leave something to be desired
  • The DHCP client I’m using is not set up well to pick up the DNS servers (if any) to be used.

The connection out does not seem to let me ssh to my computers at home, so the only email I have read is my gmail account. The rest will follow on Monday. 😉

Now back to the business at hand, as I pay more attention to the group roleplaying an expedition from Miskatonic University into the Sahara desert in the late 1920s.

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