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Security, what’s that?

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An interesting read about the hidden boot code in the Xbox. Thanks to Bruce Schneier for pointing to it. His comment:

Lots of kindergarten security mistakes.

Afternoon fun

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Got a big chuckle out of this one from Overheard in New York:

Conductor: Ladies and gentlemen, we have some good news and some bad news. Bad news is that our engine has stopped. The good news is that you’re not on an airplane.

On an unrelated note, if you’re a programmer and want a reminder that you’re not doing so badly after all, check out the Daily WTF for a heads-up each morning, like this gem:

public boolean checkFalse(Boolean bool)
  if (bool.booleanValue() == Boolean.FALSE.booleanValue())
    return Boolean.FALSE.booleanValue();
    return Boolean.TRUE.booleanValue();


Linkage (13)

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Ars Technica raises some valid points about the change in Daylight Saving Time that Bush signed recently:

The problem with this plan (…) is that all manner of tech gadgetry is programmed to be aware of the traditional layout of Daylight Savings Time. VCRs, computers, some cellphones, and other devices will need to be updated to reflect the change, trashed, or have their shortcomings suffered gladly for a month out of the year. The change will also mean that timezones in North America will need adjustment. Unless Canada follows the United States’ lead, the shared timezones between the two countries will no longer reflect reality, and will need to be adjusted. Eastern, Mountain, Central, and Pacific time zones will all be bifurcated.

I assume OS X will provide an update for 10.3.* and 10.4.*, I have no doubt that there will be an update in the relevant software package for unix/Linux/Debian (and yes, no need to remind me that OS X is built on top of a unix variety). In both cases it’s a something like a 2-line change/addition, if I recall correctly.

Yay! Google News now (finally) has RSS and Atom feeds (CNET). The only improvement I can think of at the moment is that they need to add support for auto-detecting feeds (i.e: add <link rel=”alternate” …> tags in the head section).

That’ll be all for now. Later!

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