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You scrub my back, I’ll scrub yours?

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NetNewsWire had already been configured on my computer to use Firefox as the external browser, in case something does not quite work in its own tabs, and now there’s an extension for Firefox where it can return the favour by redirecting the feed: protocol to your default aggregator (and guess which that is… right). Very handy. 🙂

Thanks to Brent Simmons for pointing it out.

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The Discovery has undocked from the spacestation and begins its journey home (BBC News). Keep your fingers crossed, will ya?

The FCC decides to deregulate (Wired) DSL. Welcome back the Baby Bell monopoly.

Someone within the Vatican disagrees (New Scientist) that evolution is incompatible with a belief in God? I wish there were more of these enlightened souls out there.

US appeals court judges upheld the right to filter spam (The Register). Thank $deity, it would be a crazy world if spammers could use their right to free speech to go against my right to not want to see/hear them. The details of this case are actually interesting, the spammers had quite a bit of nerve:

Austin-based White Buffalo started spamming UT after obtaining the email addresses of students using a Freedom of Information Act request, a legal but ethically questionable use of the facility that does nothing to attract sympathy to its subsequent “cartoonish” legal efforts.

This is an interesting collection of quotes, if by interesting you mean scary. It may be the opposite of what they’re trying to accomplish but it only makes me more convinced that separation of state and any religion/church is a Good Thing ™

That’s it for now, later!

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