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Weekend summary

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The weekend consisted of two highlights:

  1. Digging for diamonds in the Crater of Diamonds, although it was probably a bit too hot for that. We spent a few hours there in the morning, then the entire afternoon in the (wading)pool of sorts. Fairly impressive, what they squeezed into the relatively small pool there, somebody must’ve had a lot of fun creating that.
  2. Wandering into the Onyx Cave in/near Eureka Springs. Sheesh, what a tourist trap that town is. The city limits sign indicates its population is in the 2000-3000 range, but the way it stretches out you’d expect it to be more like 10,000 or so.

Then a final 3 hour drive home, which lead us through about an hour of curves ranging from 20 to 50 mph and slopes that reminded us that a minivan is not really designed for this environment and certainly it was a lot happier once we got into the 70-80 mph highway/interstate part of the trip. 😉

Back to wading through a backlog of news now and some more coffee!

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