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Wow, the new hybrid mode at Google Maps works out very nicely. Let the competition begin, though, with Microsoft having released a beta of its Virtual Earth effort. Of course the first thing to try (for me) is to see how far it can zoom in to where I live. As it happens Microsoft seems to have a slightly more detailed set of images available and we noticed that the roads from the regular map don’t quite map (sic) what you see in the aerial shots, so you get roads going through backyards, curve where they don’t actually in the real world, and vice versa. We can’t tell if Google does a better job at that because it simply does not have images that zoom in that far. 🙂

Weekend summary

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The weekend consisted of two highlights:

  1. Digging for diamonds in the Crater of Diamonds, although it was probably a bit too hot for that. We spent a few hours there in the morning, then the entire afternoon in the (wading)pool of sorts. Fairly impressive, what they squeezed into the relatively small pool there, somebody must’ve had a lot of fun creating that.
  2. Wandering into the Onyx Cave in/near Eureka Springs. Sheesh, what a tourist trap that town is. The city limits sign indicates its population is in the 2000-3000 range, but the way it stretches out you’d expect it to be more like 10,000 or so.

Then a final 3 hour drive home, which lead us through about an hour of curves ranging from 20 to 50 mph and slopes that reminded us that a minivan is not really designed for this environment and certainly it was a lot happier once we got into the 70-80 mph highway/interstate part of the trip. 😉

Back to wading through a backlog of news now and some more coffee!

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