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Trip tip

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If you’re going on a road trip and are a AAA member, visit their website and use their online Trip Tik feature, it allows you to create very nicely done maps and directions and where available they’ll tell you where to expect road work along the way.

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I think I’m in the wrong business:

A Pakistani girl has qualified as a Microsoft Certified Professional at the age of 9.

Arfa Karim of Multan has officially become the youngest MCP in Pakistan, and one of the youngest in the world. Karim, now 10, met with Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates last week–an experience she later described as second only to visiting Disneyland.

Feeling hungry? Go to the moon (Google)! I suggest you zoom in all the way on some location. 🙂

I’m currently trying out DragThing on my Mac Mini, a dock-replacement. I like that you can cycle through the windows and have the one you select actually be dragged to the front. Haven’t explored it fully yet, though.

That’ll have to be all for now, gotta get some work done first!

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