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Mythical fun (3)

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Cool! I decided to try the add-ons mythmusic, mythweather and mythvideo.

I’ve set up two NFS mounts to access the actual files on the fileserver, no problem there. Setting up mythmusic it says that you need write-access to the directory with the actual files but I haven’t had any problems yet, so I suspect they just put that in there for people that want to use MythTV to rip their CDs or something, which I don’t plan on doing. Playing seems to work and I’ll spend some time experimenting with playlists later, mostly to set up a playlist that excludes podcasts and other non-music mp3s/oggs. 😉

The mythweather add-on does not like being behind a firewall where the only web access is through a proxy. I’ve added a http_proxy=foo line of magic to the .xsession script but haven’t had a chance to test if that helps, yet. If not, I’ll have to do some firewall magic or configure Squid to also act as a transparent proxy just for this. We’ll see.

Finally the mythvideo add-on needed some help before it could become useful. You see, I plan on using it to access the recorded tv shows that pre-date MythTV, which were all stored in directories, organized by whether we’d seen the episode, wanted to keep it, and then further organized by show. This resulted in the GUI, when showing you your options, ended up presenting me a few pages full of divx, because all files were actually called divx.avi. So I ended up applying some shell-script magic, moving all of the files out of their directories and giving them some more meaningful names that the GUI could work with.

The next problem was that as soon as it switched to mplayer (the add-on relies on an external program to take over for the actual playing) I lost keyboard control and (as a side-effect) the remote-control stopped working as well. This turned out to be the result of me running without any window manager whatsoever. I installed a smallish one (fluxbox) and now it’s all happy!

The only thing left is to find out if the GUI would allow me to delete files, assuming I set it up to mount the network filesystem in read-write mode, as opposed to read-only as it is now. That would make going through and cleaning up a bit easier. But if not, I can always just keep the laptop handy and delete the files on the server. 🙂

Update: No, the proxy environment variables did not help. Yes, the mythvideo GUI does have ways to delete video files but apparently only in the Setup menu. Hrm.

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