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Box 4.0 by From The Shadows is out: Red Light. Green Light. Downloading the bittorrent-distributed version as I write this.

Bruce Schneier points out a significant detail from a London Times article:

Security sources confirmed that none of the bombers was on any MI5 file, although one had links to a person investigated by police.

Charles Arthur points out that if your blog is being bombarded by comment/link-spammers, aside from cleaning up, you could also notify Google and reduce the effectiveness of the spammers’ tactics in the longer run:

You go there armed with the name of the site that’s trying to link-spam you, add in a couple of searches finding other blogs it has link-spammed, report it to Google, et voila. Spammer foiled, or at least annoyed.

Biblical scroll found in desert (Guardian Unlimited):

An encounter with a Bedouin robber in a desert valley has led to what one Israeli archaeologist described as one of the most important biblical finds from the region in half a century.

Stupid, or desperate (BBC News):

A US man shot his postman so that he would get sent to prison for life and escape his crippling medical debts, investigators say.

Buying this mouse would be more tempting if it was cordless. One does wonder where the buttons are. 😉


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