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And I mean that quite literally! A while ago we finally gave in and wanted to use our A/C, then found that the cooling fluid (or whatever is in those things) was all gone (we suspected a leak at the end of last year’s summer season, I guess that’s 100% confirmed now) so we were just pumping warm/hot air around. As a temporary solution we kicked all box-fans into action that we own but that does not actually cool it down any more than the A/C would.

We called one repair guy who said he’d drop by but never did and after waiting and calling again, hasn’t returned that call yet. Then called another one today and they show up the same afternoon and fix it. No points for guessing who we like better.

It is likely that we have to do this at the start of every summer season now unless we either miraculously find the leak or replace the entire new unit. Doing this (the refill or recharge as others called it) for the next few years would still be cheaper than immediately giving in and buying a new one, so it looks like that’s what we’ll be doing, for now.

*marks calendar for May 2006*

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