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An article about people being creative in how they set up their home office.

I fear that if I would want to do any redecorating in mine, I would have to take a week or two off from work to get everything out that I’ve collected here in the past 4-5 years. Keep in mind that my home office is not used to invite work-related contacts, I tele-work and the only other person keeping me company here on a regular basis is M when she does her share of browsing, reading email, etc. Certainly the space could be used more efficiently but for the near future that will just be a dream.

One of the persons in the article (Glen Richardson) purposely created his space in the middle of the house so that he can be near and keep an eye on his (4) children. Having just spent nearly 2 months with the two boys at home because of summer-vacation, I find it hard to believe he can concentrate on anything when all of them are home. Maybe he does most of his real work when they are asleep, maybe his line of work (interior decorator and furniture designer) just requires a different kind of concentration. 🙂


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And I mean that quite literally! A while ago we finally gave in and wanted to use our A/C, then found that the cooling fluid (or whatever is in those things) was all gone (we suspected a leak at the end of last year’s summer season, I guess that’s 100% confirmed now) so we were just pumping warm/hot air around. As a temporary solution we kicked all box-fans into action that we own but that does not actually cool it down any more than the A/C would.

We called one repair guy who said he’d drop by but never did and after waiting and calling again, hasn’t returned that call yet. Then called another one today and they show up the same afternoon and fix it. No points for guessing who we like better.

It is likely that we have to do this at the start of every summer season now unless we either miraculously find the leak or replace the entire new unit. Doing this (the refill or recharge as others called it) for the next few years would still be cheaper than immediately giving in and buying a new one, so it looks like that’s what we’ll be doing, for now.

*marks calendar for May 2006*

Awake yet? (7)

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An interesting read on using solar energy (Wired):

Idealab impresario Bill Gross couldn’t wait for the dawn of the sun age. So he built a high-energy, low-cost solar concentrator that will fit on your roof. And overthrow the powers that be.

We may not be there yet but if the improvements his group has made are an indication, solar energy that can compete with other energy sources without government funding may be closer than you thought.

Another interesting article (Ars Technica) on Apple’s decision to go with Intel chips:

The cold, hard reality here is that the Mac is Apple’s past and the iPod is Apple’s future. It’s a shame that Steve Jobs can’t be upfront with his user base about that fact, because, frankly, I think the Mac community would understand.

That’s all for now.

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