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Close, but no cigar

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Sibelius vs. Sebelius

It had me staring for a few seconds, wondering why the package on VersionTracker looked so familiar. 🙂


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I love the boys, really I do, but I’m already enjoying the fact that I don’t feel the need to listen for every noise, to keep an eye on what they are or are not doing, or to keep an eye on the clock to make sure they stay on a regular schedule for snacks, meals, etc.

So far every summer has been different, this was the longest (nearly 2 months) they stayed home under my supervision while M went to her work and I tried to do mine. Unless they mature significantly between now and next summer or M spends more time at home than this year, I think I’ll cut that short a little sooner next year. 🙂

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Awake yet? (4)

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Good news for/from Europe this morning (link courtesy of BBC News):

European politicians have thrown out a controversial bill that could have led to software being patented.

The European Parliament voted 648 to 14 to reject the Computer Implemented Inventions Directive.

The bill was reportedly rejected because, politicians said, it pleased no-one in its current form.

Responding to the rejection the European Commission said it would not draw up or submit any more versions of the original proposal.

Good riddance! I’m sure that at some point in the future the big companies out there will lobby to give it another try, but this sets a fairly convincing precedent.

Staying in that general area, it turns out that London will be hosting the 2012 Olympics (link courtesy of The Register):

Long-term favourite Paris was overhauled in the final lap as the majority of support from eliminated cities of Madrid, New York and Moscow fell behind the UK capital. London won the final vote 54-50.

Good luck! I hope they’ll be better prepared than Greece last year, which was racing to get all the facilities ready in time.

Two out of three ain’t bad, but here’s number three (link courtesy of Guardian Unlimited):

An American woman has given birth to a third, healthy triplet 13 years after the first two were delivered. Debbie Beasley’s youngest daughter, Laina, was born five months ago after spending 13 years in a freezer chilled to -235C.

Goodness. The rest of the story is possibly even more amazing than the above quote.

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