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From Overheard in NY:

Girl #1: Are you able to go on your roof to watch the Macy’s fireworks?
Girl #2: I don’t even know if my building has a roof.

A blonde moment, I dare say.

An article in New Scientist mentions:

Human footprints discovered beside an ancient Mexican lake have been dated to 40,000 years ago. If the finding survives the controversy it is bound to stir up, it means that humans must have moved into the New World at least 30,000 years earlier than previously thought.

They also provide yet another reason not to let the kids watch too much television:

Decades of studies have linked childhood hours in front of the TV with aggressive behaviour, earlier sexual activity, smoking, obesity, and poor school performance. The research has lead the American Academy of Pediatrics to suggest children watch no more than 2 hours of TV per day and that children under 2 years old watch none at all.

That figure of 2 hours is about how much I would typically allow anyway, although during the summer vacation it ends up being a bit more. At this very moment the boys are playing outside, though, and I didn’t even have to nudge them for that. Yay! 🙂

Something is stirring in the White House (thanks to Guardian Unlimited):

President George Bush’s right hand man, Karl Rove, yesterday found himself at the centre of the controversy over who revealed the name of a secret CIA agent, after Newsweek revealed that he was a source for a story that appeared in Time magazine and for which two reporters are facing prison.

Will there be another terror alert or something else (in)appropriate to distract from this particular story? Time will tell.

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Mythical fun

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A few days ago I had more or less decided for myself that the effort I was putting into trying to get the wireless PCI card to work was not worth it. Yesterday M and I ran a spare cat-5 cable of about 30-50′ (I don’t remember how long it was exactly; it was custom done by the local store and has since been replaced by a wireless connection) up to the target room, which involved drilling a new hole in the floor, but was otherwise pretty painless.

Once everything was hooked up we could finally actually see how good MythTV would look using the tv-out card and our tv. This can be summarized as pretty good!

The Celeron 800 MHz CPU that we’re using right now can just about keep up with the live tv streams, the recorded ones it can handle just fine. I rounded up some extra sticks of RAM and instead of 128 MB it now has 512 MB. It doesn’t really seem to need quite that much but I’ll leave it in there just in case, until I’m desperate for it elsewhere (unlikely).

Only a few small details are left to be sorted out. I’ll want to look into getting the serial-port based remote to work that came with the Pinnacle PCTV and/or get an additional cordless keyboard so that the PC can be placed somewhere more convenient. Also need to do audio properly, for which I need a small adapter piece, but Radio Shack was closed when I got there yesterday just after 5pm. 😉

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