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The Links

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I’d placed the links in a static page some time ago but had not taken the time to polish it, yet. Now I have, a bit, and I’ve removed the collection of links from the sidebar on the right. With that space available I have restored the links to the categories and the archives, and I’ve moved the current-month calendar there.

Hopefully this improves this site. Ideally I’d change the archives to have a year-header and then links for each month underneath, but that’s not a standard option for WP and I can’t yet be bothered to write it myself. Perhaps I’ll find the inspiration for this when I reach September 2005. 😉

Enjoy your (long) weekend

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Yesterday we saw a demonstration of N‘s karate school and then wandered around to see various other crapft stands. Before that we had taken several months worth of paper, types 1 and 2 plastic, glass, and tin cans to the local recycling place, cleaning out the garage a fair bit in the process. The rest of the afternoon and much of the evening was spent with M‘s mother & husband. All quite enjoyable, but the day was gone!

Today will likely be similar, as we’re invited to M‘s mother’s husband’s sister’s house (which would make the woman M‘s (step)aunt, yes) for snacks and fireworks (this is after all the weekend of the 4th of July) and we’ve also been invited for dinner elsewhere, later on. I might decline the latter as there’s only so much socializing I can tolerate, but we’ll see.

Nothing has been planned for tomorrow, so I have faint hope that I might actually accomplish something, like catching up on over one thousand entries in NetNewsWire, email, and (shockingly) do some work (for pay or for my own entertainment).

Either way, enjoy your weekend, I’ll try to do the same here!

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