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Lunch time

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Well, somewhat past that now, as I ended up debugging some code instead of blogging.

Feeling quite tired because I didn’t get into bed until around 1am last night and still got up at 6:30-7:00am. Going over the news items nothing stood out as can’t be missed, although I’m sure there are some interesting things going on. Go find ’em yourself today. 😉

I finished moving my podcasts from NetNewsWire to iTunes and cleared out the previously downloaded podcasts. Many of which I hadn’t listened to yet and probably never would because I’d gotten quite back-logged at some point. I somewhat hope that the iTunes interface will allow me to better manage that.

Finally taking the time to RTFM on iTunes, I found that Option + Delete would allow me to delete marked tracks from the main Library even when browsing them in smartlists/playlists, where until now I would go and find the matching track in the Library and delete it there. Live and learn, I suppose.

Now playing: The Killers – Midnight Show (from Hot Fuss)

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