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[Kid with fish]
Back! Thankfully we didn’t have to leave the car there overnight, we got to drive it back home and just got to spend a few hours in town with a rental (that we drove a grand total of… 10 miles, good thing that one was a special deal through the garage).

Most of that time we spent in the local Bass Pro Shop, where we spent some money on silly things like a wind chime, a sheriff badge for A, etc.

A also bought himself a huge fish from his birthday money! The kid cracks me up. 🙂 To give you an idea of the size, I’ve included a picture from their website, although A is taller than that kid.

So long and thanks for all the…

Now playing: Raul Midon – State of Mind (who we happened to see on Letterman last night and impressed us quite a bit, enough to go and buy the track via iTunes).

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