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iTunes 4.9 & Podcasts (2)

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Some notes:

  • It seems that iTunes doesn’t like to subscribe to a feed while a download is in progress. That, or the iTMS was overloaded while I was attempting this. Can’t explain the 502 error I got, otherwise.
  • The Coverville feed does not work, when I click on the exclamation point I get:

    “Coverville” does not seem to be a valid Podcast URL.

    Please check that you have entered the correct URL and try again.

    Err, except that I didn’t enter any URL, and I’d love to be able to but simply haven’t ran into any place that lets me (I certainly hope I’m not totally blind to it somehow).

  • I couldn’t find the Tartan Podcast, so now I’m wondering if that is because nobody has bothered to add his feed yet, or if Apple considered his content problematic for whatever reason.
  • I very much like that iTunes uses bookmarks for the podcasts so you can interrupt them, play something else, and resume without having to search for the point where you left off.

Oh. Good. Grief. I just found it. Under Advanced select Subscribe to Podcast and off you go. *blush* Putting in the correct Coverville RSS feed and adding the Tartan Podcast right now and I’m a much happier camper already. Carry on, nothing to see here. 😉

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