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The youngest kid appears to be allergic to corn, so we’ve been stripping it out of our diet, in all the usual forms: Corn, pop-corn, corn-starch, corn-syrup, corn-whateveryounameit. The stuff seems to be in just about everything, usually as a cheap(er) replacement of something else, so most of the time we’ve had to move from some store-brand to the more expensive name-brand, to avoid it.

Today I read about someone turning corn into something slightly different:

He operates 90,000 feet of hissing pipes and dozens of enormous churning vats, an industrial jungle with a single, remarkable purpose: “Essentially,” plant manager Bill Suehr says, “we’ve got corn coming in at one end and plastic coming out the other.”

The end products — which include T-shirts, forks and coffins — look, feel and perform like traditional polyester and plastic made from a petroleum base. But the manufacturing process consumes 50 percent less fossil fuel, even after accounting for the fuel needed to plant and harvest the corn.

I’m looking forward to seeing these corn-products that we won’t have to hide from A!

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New Royalty

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Princess Máxima and crown prince Willem-Alexander are the proud parents to another daughter (Dutch article).


Update:: An English article courtesy of Scotsman.com news.

Calendar Check

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Enjoy your birthday, Josh. 🙂

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