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Daily Wrap (3)

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Yahoo’s social networking program is now in public beta:

The wait is over. You don’t need an invitation anymore to sign up for Yahoo! 360˚. Our beta is now open to one and all. So, if anyone’s been bugging you for an invite, tell them they can visit 360.yahoo.com to sign up and get started. Spread the word.

Unusual methods for unusual situations:

For 15 years, Somers has been making keys to open cars and safes. But on Thursday, he did something he had never done before.
He made a duplicate key to a pick-up truck using an X-ray of a man’s stomach.

An appropriate bond set relative to the crime?

A Columbus judge made sure a woman accused of running two brothels won’t be bailed out of jail. He set bond at $1 billion.

I guess it depends on how you define excessive in the eighth amendment:

Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

But, erm, IANAL. 🙂


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