East of the Sun, West of the Moon



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Party’s over, guests are gone, beer bottle is empty, N is gone for about a week… time to relax!

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There we go… Andrea’s homebrew blog now has an RSS (0.92) feed written by yours truly. There certainly was some self-interest there, as I didn’t see myself keep up with it without one, but it was an entertaining side-project either way. I might even put together a proper RSS 2.0 feed and an Atom feed, later on. 😉

Awake yet? (2)

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Birthday breakfast is over, N is now 9 years old, which is one sure way to make M and me feel old, too. 😉 I made 6 mugs of coffee instead of the usual 2, expecting two coffee-drinking grandparents to join me, but I was the only one, so I guess I’ll kill it off by myself; can’t let it go to waste, after all! *bounces against the walls and ceilings*

This afternoon a birthday party with some of his friends from school and the neighbourhood, so I’m sincerely wondering how much work I’ll get accomplished today. We’ll see…

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