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More useful Firefox extensions

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More Opera behaviour I was missing in Firefox:

  • Focus Last Selected Tab 0.8.1
    Brings focus to the last selected tab when closing the active tab. Focus previous tab by clicking the active tab.
  • Tabbrowser Extensions 1.11.2004111302
    Add-on package for extending operations of tabbed browsing; e.g., tabs become re-ordable by drag and drop; undo tab close; suppress
    referer; …
    etc. Although I haven’t been able to drag and drop tabs with it yet, I wonder if I have not enabled some feature or that it’s
    incompatible with Firefox 1.0 in that respect. Or that my brain is fried, who knows.

The good, the bad, the ugly.

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I had, naively, installed Firefox using the installer that’s available on their site. Naively because I had done this in /usr/local/firefox, a generally accessible directory, for those not quite aware of how unix works. This works fine for most purposes. The one thing that just didn’t seem to work as intended was installing/uninstalling extensions and for the longest time I couldn’t make sense of it.

Today Josh and I were brainstorming about this, triggered by his blog entry about a Firefox extension, where he mentions he doesn’t have a Linux machine available for testing. Well, I do, but I couldn’t get it to work, or any other extensions for that matter, so… first of all we tried to eliminate all external influences, by means of uninstalling the other extensions. Oddly enough that didn’t work. Removing all sorts of application directories in my home-directory also didn’t work. With the namechanges that Firefox has had in the past there were a few: ~/.firefox, ~/.mozilla-firebird, ~/.mozilla, ~/.phoenix. Hrm. Finally the thought occured to (one of) us that perhaps Firefox was trying to write to a file in /usr/local/firefox, which wasn’t going to work because those files and directories under there are readonly for a regular user and can only be modified by the system administrator.

Time for a *lightbulb moment* here. Was that Firefox installer really intended to be installed in someone’s home-directory, not in a system directory? Gah, what a thought! I’m so used to installing applications system-wide on my computers that the idea of (compiling and) installing something in my home-directory only never occured to me! Two minutes later I’d installed an additional copy in my home-directory and sure enough, everything works fine now.

With that sorted, I can confirm that Josh’s extension works fine under Linux as well. 🙂

Another extension that I finally got around to try now, also works like a charm and might just convince me to switch to Firefox all the way, dropping Opera. That would be the Session Saver which allows me to crash and burn and happily resume browsing afterwards, having restored all Firefox windows and tabs, including their history. Admittedly I’ve only tested it for a short while but it looks promising. Time to load a load of pages into Firefox windows/tabs and see what happens. 😉

You’ve earned 1 points!

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Yeah, that’d be because I followed the Rediscover the web (Get Firefox) link myself, of course. 😉

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