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It’s never easy, is it?

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I decided to give my workstation a reinstall, going back to Debian/stable after several years of messing around with sometimes stable, but mostly testing and unstable, had created a situation that I found to be somewhat unmaintainable.

This, in combination with Debian Backports works smoothly, mostly. I get Gaim, Subversion and GPhoto2 from there and still plan to try OpenVPN from there. A few trouble-spots:

  • There is a GnuCash package in stable, but it cannot handle the files generated by the newer version I previously used.
  • The Firefox 1.0 installer (and I guess the binary itself may as well) depends on libstdc++ 5.x, while stable only has 2.x and 3.x.
  • The DB_File Perl module could not handle the newer version Berkeley DB files that I had.
  • My homebrew random mp3/ogg player (which is the one using DB_File) was unhappy in general (as in exiting without any helpful message), I assume this may have something to do with the version of POE that is in stable. I’m using XMMS for now, instead.
  • The KDE 3.x files in my ~/.kde directory did not go well with the KDE 2.x that is in stable. I ended up just moving it aside and reconfiguring the desktop to my wishes from scratch. Annoying difference between 2.x and 3.x (as far as I can figure) is that one numbers the virtual desktops first in horizontal direction and then vertical, while the other does it the opposite. Makes my head spin.
  • There is no recent Java anymore for stable, apparently. So I ended up using Sun’s own install package. Hrm.
  • It took me a while to remember to turn off KDE’s option of enforcing colours and fonts to non-KDE applications. That made my xterms and such a lot happier.

That’s all I can currently remember anyway. I ended up installing both GnuCash and Firefox 1.0 on my fileserver and just run them remotely. Doesn’t hurt me much on a 100 Mbit internal network. It just means that in the case of Firefox any sound the flash plugins might want to create doesn’t do it any good. 😉

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