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Wishing Annie well so she can soon return to playing Go without a fuzzy brain, be it from cough medicine or the coughing, sneezing, etc, itself. 😉 At the same time I hope Lydia is having a good, nay, great time in Dublin. That’s one place I hope to visit at some point in my life but if she’ll come back with some cool pictures that’ll do for now.

Thanksgiving here in the US was (for me) pleasantly quiet. I’m not one for crowds although I do appreciate the company of good friends, so a thanksgiving meal where there are more than a dozen or so distant relatives, most of which I see once a year if that, is not quite my cup of tea. If I could say ‘no’ without never hearing the end of it, I would. 😉

Being a tele-worker it’s not always easy to take a break from work since any time I sit down at my computer I could see email from work with some question or another, or notice something going wrong in a SSH session on one of the servers. Given that, I’m almost proud to say I only did one thing for work today and am mostly ignoring its email for now. Maybe tomorrow I’ll give in, to prevent an email-OD on Monday.

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