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You may have heard about this ridiculous bill that the movie industry is trying to push through in the USA. Well, the people that buy into the movie industry are trying, anyway.

The proposed legislation would make fast-forwarding through those ads illegal — not only in theaters, but also at home, …

They can’t possibly be serious. They can’t. This is an early April Fools joke, right? I mean, let me get this straight, are they going to:

  • fine people for showing up late at a movie theatre?
  • stop them from walking out the theatre to go to the bathroom or get some extra snacks, during the ads?
  • tie me to my chair so I can’t walk into the kitchen?
  • disable the mute button too?

And that’s of course just the beginning. Next they plan to:

  • Prevent you from changing to a different channel when there’s an ad break in progress.
  • Stop you from skipping past the ad-pages in your favourite magazine.
  • Make it impossible to toss the snail-mail spam you get, it’ll jump right out of the trash when you try, onto the table so you can read it.
  • … fill in more ridiculous thoughts here…

Whatever these people are smoking, I’d love to have some of it, because it must be pretty damn strong!


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This morning in my spam folder:

was bilharziasis christie, imbroglio
you catalytic let - bricklayer
is dyadic peat a boyce - cheerleader
it no dodson abhorrent grid
cruddy extralegal us qualitative
evasive a foolhardy so pearson

So there.


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Nice one in this article about RIAA:

However, the organization’s fight to identify file sharers and bring control to the archaic world of P2P carries on, and the RIAA has vowed to appeal all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Mister Worthington, I don’t think that word means what you seem to think it does. 🙂

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