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No Software Patents in Europe?

Filed under: Software — Erwin @ 10:36 pm

As noted by GrokLaw and The Inquirer the Polish government has declined to support the proposal regarding software patents which means there is no longer a majority in favour of it. While this is good news (patents bad, m’kay?), it’s an ongoing battle and there will no doubt be adaptions, amendments, or entirely new proposals, nudged by the fairly powerful patent-lobby. I can only hope that eventually the situation in the USA will get so stupidly crazy that the people and (unfortunately more importantly) the politicians will see the light and realize that this is not something Europe wants, or needs, and maybe around the same time there will be such a huge backlash in the USA that any and all software patents are thrown out here as well.

Alright, now back to your regularly scheduled daydreaming…

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