East of the Sun, West of the Moon



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I guess it had to happen. After a busy start with more entries than days in the month in October, I’m now showing more empty days than otherwise in November. The novelty has worn off and now I need to figure out what I’m really going to do with this blog. I expect I’ll continue to list odd or otherwise read-worthy sites & links I run across and occasionally share my thoughts on what’s going on in the world.

Speaking of that… some sites have been created to express the feelings of people that voted for the other guy and now feel like the world thinks they didn’t even bother. I had great fun browsing some of them and some stronger worded protest websites, you also have to wonder what these people think of those in other countries. Surely the non-Americans must realize even without these sites that if around 55 million voted against the guy who ended up winning that it was not a giveaway by any means? While some are no doubt still making sure that the elections are kept honest, the rest of us should now move on and make damn sure that the president does something useful with his 4 more years, in any way we can.

Hmm… just read on Electoral Vote that there is an effort in progress to raise money to request a recount in Ohio. Ouch, I had no idea that something like that, which seems like a fairly fundamental request, would cost that much money. Good luck to them, if they succeed I’m sure we’ll hear about it one way or another in the big media…

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