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Today, 15 years ago

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… was the day the Iron Curtain came down. Where were you when this happened?

Some news items about this:

Me, I had just started my first year at the University of Groningen. After teenage years that were coloured with cold-war memories (Ronald Reagan, Mikhail Gorbachev, people demonstrating against more weapons being planted in Europe), this was an event that nicely coincided with the change from Atheneum to University and therefore is fairly easy to place in history.

Two steps forward, one step back

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Ars Technica reports that the FCC has decided to protect VoIP from local (i.e: state) regulations. So far, so good. That means that the same rules will apply whether you’re in New York, California, or Kansas. 😉 Still no idea how it views VoIP with respect to comparing it to old-fashioned telephone-service, but I’m sure in due time we’ll get an answer to that question as well. *twiddles thumbs*

Here we go

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Firefox 1.0 has officially been released. You can go read about it on the (fairly busy) Mozilla Site or you can go to CNET, Reuters, BetaNews, Slashdot and many others. Me, I’m waiting for the full-page ad, that should be quite the sight. 🙂

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