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Not complaining, oh no.

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Last weekend I ordered a new printer to replace the WinPrinter a.k.a Lexmark we have right now. The replacement is an Epson multi-functional gadget, one of those printer/scanner/copier/fax combinations. Not that I expect to use the fax function much, if at all, seeing as our only outside line is a Vonage one, but the first 3 features should be a good replacement of the current separate printer and (rather aging) scanner equipment, plus this one is reported to play nice with Linux, so yet another reason not to have to boot into Windoze, wahey!

Anyway… the FedEx tracking site said it would arrive on November 4, they even listed a time, 4:30 PM. I was amused, if not impressed with this precision and was patiently waiting for Thursday to come along. Then just now the doorbell rang (which I barely hear, working from the basement of the house) and I run upstairs, wondering who on earth this could be. Turns out it’s a FedEx guy, who’s not only a day but also a few hours earlier than expected. Cool! After the disappointing election results (anyone knowing me will not be surprised to hear I’m unimpressed with the current president) this was a nice bit of uplifting news and much appreciated.

Whee, new toy!

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