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About time!

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TDK developed a more scratch-proof layer for DVDs:

Two years ago TDK, a maker of tape and disc-based recording media, began developing what was initially a single-layer coating to make DVDs more resistant to scuffing. But the new coating is far tougher, and it is transparent to the full spectrum of visible light rather than just a DVD’s red laser, so it can also be used to protect the plastic surface of colour liquid crystal displays (LCDs).

Having seen how fast CDs and DVDs can become all scratched up (even if there are no children involved), I can’t wait until actual discs using this layer make it to the market!

Time flies.

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Some time ago I subscribed myself to a few Google Alerts, so typically once a day I get an update on new items it found in various news outfits on the net that match the keywords I asked it to look for.

Usually, because every now and then you get something like this:

Google Alerts <…> Google Alert for: … (10 hours ago)
Google Alerts <…> Google Alert for: … (4 minutes ago)

This once a day Google Alert is brought to you by Google.

Emphasis mine, and yes these are two alerts for the same set of keywords. They either can’t keep or they occasionally have very short days. 🙂

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