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Just walked through Wal-Mart and couldn’t resist this coffee grinder:
[Mr Coffee Grinder, IDS77]
Will it make my coffee taste better? No idea, but it can’t get worse, now can it? Wait, that sounds all wrong…

E – 3

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Man, I wish this presidential election was over already. It seems as if not a single news site, including the tech related ones that I read, is without some article or another that touches on it.

In more interesting news, the internet supposedly turned 35 recently:

Kleinrock said he predicted in 1969 that the small network would eventually expand across the globe, making a vast amount of information accessible at any time from anywhere in the world.

“The part I missed… was that my 97-year-old mother would be on the internet today,” he said.

What does my choice of Linux distribution (Debian) say about me:

This distribution is popular with those who always count in binary, and are politically correct in a free software kind of way. Many are suspected of having been nursed on a TTY. Debian users take pride in the fact that their distribution is always several releases behind the latest version of the kernel, but makes up for that by being more difficult to install and use.

Generalizations can be so… wrong. 😛

My still-favourite Go-server KGS is creating a for-pay subscription service at $5 per month that certainly won’t make me go broke but I’m not sure I have the time and energy to make use of what they’re offering, so I’ll pass, for now. Not to mention that I’ve been spending most of my Go playing time on DGS lately. Maybe when I have a few more round tuits available?

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