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Spreading the word

Filed under: Software — Erwin @ 7:21 pm

This should turn out to be an interesting ad in the New York Times, celebrating the release of Firefox 1.0, in about a month from now.

If you didn’t want the email

Filed under: Software — Erwin @ 3:20 pm

You could have just said so?

$ host yahho.com
yahho.com has address
$ host -t mx yahho.com
yahho.com mail is handled by 0 nullmx.domainmanager.com.
$ host nullmx.domainmanager.com
nullmx.domainmanager.com has address

Several mailservers already check for loopback ( or private network addresses (like but I had not seen this one before, and apparently neither had the mail software, because it happily kept on trying to deliver it to itself until it saw too many hops and gave up. Bah.

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