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There’s annoying, and then there’s obnoxious

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At work a colleague ran into an odd problem with his Outlook Express (not my idea of fun, but that’s another story) which aborted rather brutally with a “Your server has unexpectedly terminated the connection. Possible causes for …” error.

The message triggering this error was a very small one. Too small, in fact. Looking at it in more detail it turned out to consist of only message headers. No message contents and certainly no empty line to separate the two. A perfectly acceptable bit of content for an SMTP server to pass on, or for a POP3 server to offer you, I would think, but apparently OE makes certain assumptions there and barfs when those turn out to be false.

After having removed a few of those messages (which, not entirely surprising) all turned out to be spam, a more permanent solution was needed.

Behold the expensive custom software solution to help OE cross the road, a 2 line procmail recipe:

| formail -f -b                                                                                                                                   

Thanks Microsoft, I’ll send you the invoice later.

Quote of the day

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From Electoral Vote:

A fully-functioning U.S. senator can talk for hours on end–sometimes days on end–if given half a chance.

Hm. 🙂

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