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Whole lotta lava?

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This Mount St. Helens doesn’t happen to be anywhere near Redmond, does it?

Going, going, gone?

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Ah, so that is why I got the connection refused to DevEdge in the past few days. I thought it was merely an intermittent problem as I was having other network problems anyway, so it didn’t seem significant. Hope they’ll get the content back up soon!

How low can you go?

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Lookie there, Wal-Mart has decided to throw some weight around with respect to the prices of CDs. While I don’t like buying them there and actively avoid it due to their censorship policy, it tends to have some side-effects when a huge chain like Wal-Mart gets things accomplished, so with a bit of luck this’ll have some impact on the music stores that I do frequent infrequently!

Spam poetry of the … month?

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These people must be feeling so horribly misunderstood…

Want to cup a feel?

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Then perhaps you should consider applying for a job as a security agent at your local airport. Or at least that’s the impression I get from this article:

Bob Kapp, customer service manager for the TSA in Denver, said that to conduct a thorough pat-down search of women, “it does require going beneath, between and above the breasts.”

Kapp said a few people have been a little bit alarmed by the procedure. But he called it “a sign of the times” that is probably here to stay.

Not sure I want my parents to come visit me here in the USA if this is the kind of treatment they are to expect, gah!

This sounds awfully familiar

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Purdue calls off free bike program

Purdue University police canceled a bicycle-lending program intended to decrease theft after most of the bikes were vandalized or are missing.

Purdue police placed 25 bikes painted bright gold at locations around the campus at the beginning of the fall semester. The bikes, which had been recovered by campus police, were free for any student to use.

The Gold Bike program, similar to ones used for years at Rutgers and Indiana University, was designed to discourage bike thefts, deputy Chief Steve Dietrich told the Purdue Exponent.

Twenty of the bikes can no longer be used because vandals damaged them, and a few others are missing, said Dietrich.

How naive can you get? In the 1960s (1967 to be exact) a fellow named Luud Schimmelpenninck came up with the Witte Fietsen Plan (white bicycle plan) which involved getting about 2000 freely available bicycles (painted white) for the inner city of Amsterdam. It failed. He tried it again in 1999, and again it failed.

Bottomline is that if nobody feels responsible for the loss of the bicycle (it’s free, after all), nobody is going to treat it properly, whether that means avoiding dropping it in the middle of the street or actually returning it to one of the bicycle depots.

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