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Go figure (sic). On KGS, the Go server that I play on (although more recently I’ve been spending more time on DGS because of its turn-based approach) is having a Pro lecture tonight and while I missed the previous one, where they managed to get 600 people listening simultaneously before they had to switch to text only again due to a bug in the server), I had actually planned to be here without the usual distractions.

So I wander down to the basement where my workstation is, sit down, check on some of the usual bits like email, websites, and notice that there are all the signs of a network outage. What’s worse, is that it’s not anything local. It’s not the Vonage adapter, it’s not the cable modem, there is no broken network cable that I can replace. No, this network outage is somewhere in the Cox Cable network. 🙁

So now I’m debating between staying here and hoping the network problem will be resolved soon, whatever that problem may be, or to wander back upstairs where the rest of the family is eating dinner right now. I guess I’ll give it a few more minutes and then give in to the inevitable, having to give up on attending this lecture, cursing network hardware all the way of course.

On the plus side, since I’m running this blog locally I can at least vent about network outages while they happen, yay!

While I was writing the last sentence, the network recovered and I got to attend the lecture for roughly the second half (35-40 minutes), so I’m happy about that.

Update, part 2:
The lecture is over but the network is down again. *yawn* And of course I can’t reach the Cox support site to see what’s up. Or if I can I don’t know it because the DNS to the site isn’t working for me right now. Yay.

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