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Search engine alert?

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I’ve turned permalinks on, for whatever that’s worth.


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Pity about the pricetag of a few thousand dollars, but considering the ingredients, the Vaio Type X might be worth it. 😉 As noted a few days ago I’ve put a 200 GB HD in use for storing material recorded on TV which for the image resolution and quality I have is enough for well over 250-300 hours. Now imagine how much material you could store on 500 GB, even if it’s higher quality material! And with 7 cards I can’t imagine ever missing anything, although I do wonder about the workload for the disks if all 7 cards are pushing full quality streams its way.

The 500 GB dedicated to TV is enough to record six channels for five-and-a-half days nonstop, a Sony representative said.

Hm, let’s see. 5.5 days non-stop is 132 hours. With six channels going at once, that’s 792 hours. Sounds like they’re recording at approximately the same quality as I am right now.

What fun, part III

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Of course I should’ve known this, if I’d paid attention to one of the links on my own page here, CSS, level 1, where it describes comments as being C style comments: /* ... */. Thanks to Josh for pointing that out. *hits head on keyboard* Now I find myself wondering where else I’ve been working with this incorrect assumption and messing up the browsing experience for IE users without actually intending to. Hrmpf.


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I’m sure there are Gmail-watcher groups out there, but just for my own reference, they added email forwarding to their feature set today, so their account just became a bit more attractive to me. Also some other small improvements in the interface, it looks like, the contacts popup is now no longer a popup, for instance.

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