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What fun, part II

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The major problem turned out to be that IE does not like // style comments in CSS files while Opera and Firefox grok those just fine. There are some remaining subtleties but I can live with those for a little bit longer.

What fun

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I told myself that I wasn’t ever going to cater to IE again, that if someone wanted to read what I have to say, they can pick a browser that works, instead.

Ok, maybe not. I’ve been told that when using IE the left bar with the categories and archives doesn’t show up. Ho hum. That’s less functional than I can accept, so I guess I’ll have to fire up IE some day soon and see if & how I can correct that problem. 🙁

Hop 1

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A small hop (and some ungraceful barrel rolls) for Mike Melvill, a big hop for mankind, or so. SpaceShipOne just made the first (non-test) jump into space, the two week countdown to the required second jump has begun!

The second jump is planned for Monday, October 4. I guess they’re giving themselves a bit of margin in case of trouble.

Update 2:
Space.com reports that the second jump has been successful: The craft is now on its way back to Earth after apparently reaching the required altitude necessary to win the $10 million Ansari X Prize.

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