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Got a dime for a poor fella?

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Funny how that works. I used to always have too much change, had ones hanging out of my wallet and so much in coins it didn’t fit in the coin-sorter I’d bought, aside from filling up the coin-section in my wallet more than it should. Then M started nagging me to try and pay with appropriate change or such that change would come out more easily in quarters, dollars, etc. On top of that I’ve switched to paying most things with either a check or my debit card.

So now the boys go to school and of course part of math is working with money. And they ask the parents if they can please fill up these film containers with these particular coins so your child can work with those throughout the year, after which we’ll get it back of course. Well, go figure, the 23 pennies I can manage, and the 1 quarter certainly wasn’t a problem (I’m quite fond of quarters because I try to get a complete set of state-quarters without giving in and buying them explicitely), but the 10 dimes I had to search in a few places and the 8 nickels… I only got to 4, bother! Maybe M has a few somewhere, otherwise we may just have to go and spend some money, the horror.

On the plus side, I found a Canadian penny among all the other ones, so that oddity has now been placed with the other foreign coins.

That was fast!

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Ouch! In spite of whatever war on terror and its side effects may be going on, jobs in the USA are still very much in demand, as you can tell from the fact that the H-1B visa quota for the next year (which started today, if that makes sense) has been filled already! Glad that’s not my headache, and even if it was, glad I’m in a business where tele-working is relatively easy to do.

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