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Typo, sorry!

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In other news:

An incident this week in which former pop star Cat Stevens was deported from the United States to London as a “no-fly” terrorist risk was caused by a spelling error. …
(see here for more)

I seriously don’t want people that make these kinds of mistakes to start cross-referencing various databases in search of terrorists. Oh, John, Joan, small difference. Smith, Smite, sure, who cares, close enough. Sad and scary.


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The upside of having a sensible amount of money in your bank account is that if you write checks for more money than you realized, you won’t end up paying penalties to them. The downside of having a sensible amount of money in your bank account is that, when someone for whatever reason gets a court order to hold what’s in there, it can be a bit more than you liked.


Small businesses

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Heh, this could be my server room, except I don’t like those small cases and have a full size tower standing there. 😉

On my TODO list

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I’ve been meaning to install and test OpenVPN, in particular for the wifi network at home but it could come in handy in other situations as well.

To replace the homebrew backup scripts I was thinking of trying Bacula, but haven’t gotten beyond apt-get install bacula yet.

I tried to install GRAMPS but it looks like it’s not all the way available through Debian yet, so maybe later.

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