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Hmmmm…. Vonage has simplified its billing plans a bit, as described in this article at Voxilla. We have the cheaper $15/mo service and we’re still far away from hitting our 500 minute limit but it’s nice to have the option to go up $10 and not have to worry about anything anymore except international calls.

It’s the thought that counts?

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The Cisco CEO had for the past few years declined an actual salary, but is now getting a handout once again. Alright, so in practice he didn’t exactly have to tighten his belt because he was getting hungry or anything, but I do like the attitude that when the company as a whole is struggling, the CEO, CFO, COO and CwhateverO crowd don’t run off with the cash while at the same time cutting jobs, etc. We’ve seen too many of the other type in history already, which makes this rather refreshing, even if I’m not necessarily a big fan of Cisco.

One down

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Picked up from GrokLaw there is the news that the Patent Office has rejected Microsoft’s FAT patent in the reexamination proceeding initiated earlier this year.

Software patents bad, m’kay? Next, please!


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The Radio Netherlands Wereldomroep really felt like it had something to say, today… not!

This is what the recent items looked like:

And the actual items really were that interesting:

It’s been corrected by now and of course this has me wondering if it was something that went wrong on my side instead, but I find it quite unlikely that entire entries would’ve been messed up like that.

Oh well, back to business as usual.


Deja vu

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Here I am, playing against Joe Random Opponent at one of the Go servers when, after some chatting back and forth he asks if I’ve heard about this new German movie, called Der Untergang. Not exactly your average Friday/Saturday evening entertainment material, eh? He agrees, but he wouldn’t mind if certain countrymen with shaved heads would go see it. Agreed, because it would be so nice if for once the world would learn from history. For once.

David & Goliath

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Goliath would be Microsoft and while they won’t be hurt by the lost $1,050, eventually all these needles pricking them are going to have to hurt. Give it time…

I want to ride my bicycle!

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A‘s bicycle’s saddle was falling apart. Instead of investing X amount of money and then later, when his current 2nd hand bicycle falls apart the rest of the way buy an entirely new one and leaving us with a useless extra saddle, we figured we’d buy him a new one now that just fits, and he could grow into it. An early birthday gift, so to speak.

That’s the theory, anyway. We bought a bicycle this afternoon that, at the store anyway, he could just about manage to get on, and ride fairly comfortable after that. Silly us. Once we got home, he had trouble getting on the thing and trouble getting off it without falling and hurting himself. Unhappy A.

So to solve this problem I decide to put the working saddle on the old bicycle. This greatly offends A, of course, and he now sounds like he thinks he’ll never get to use this new bicycle! But what can you do, he’ll be unhappy with the old one, and he’ll hurt himself with the new one, at least for another month or so. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that he’ll have grown enough before his birthday (which is in just over 2 months) so he won’t hold it against us if he still can’t ride it after it!

Good, or bad?

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AT&T Wireless are introducing this gadget. If you thought SMS was bad or at least mildly annoying, you’ll likely think this is worse. Probably the next item on blacklists of schools everywhere, after cellphones and chewing gum.

I’m going, I’m going

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Me: Why aren’t you guys leaving (said to the two kids sitting on their bicycles in the garage)
A: N keeps on not going!
N: A keeps on waiting!
Me: Erm, A, you’re standing in front of him, he’s not going because he can’t.

Kids & rationality, two words not often found in the same sentence, are they?


Typo, sorry!

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In other news:

An incident this week in which former pop star Cat Stevens was deported from the United States to London as a “no-fly” terrorist risk was caused by a spelling error. …
(see here for more)

I seriously don’t want people that make these kinds of mistakes to start cross-referencing various databases in search of terrorists. Oh, John, Joan, small difference. Smith, Smite, sure, who cares, close enough. Sad and scary.

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